A few notable Jen-events.

2000: I start to learn Hebrew, from A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew.

2004: I write my first Megillat Esther. A real proper qualified sofer and a real live rosh yeshiva approve it for public reading. It is read from.

2005: I am awarded a research award from the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute to explore the relationship between writing sacred scrolls and menstruation. I also score my first Torah commission.

2006: I start writing my first Torah. Tefillin Barbie makes her appearance.

2007: I finish writing my first Torah. For this, I am named as one of the year’s 50 most remarkable Jews by the Forward. I merit a Wikipedia entry. I start writing my second Torah. The peer-reviewed journal Meorot publishes an article by me on women and writing Torahs, along with a rebuttal.

2008: I feature in two calendars – My Very Own Jewish Calendar 5769 and the Women of Reform Judaism calendar 5769. Barbie is used to initiate discussions about gender and ritual garb.

2012: I am too busy to update this page for four years. By now, I have started my fourth Torah. One of my students has completed two Torahs of her own, and another student is close to completing her first. I have two apprentices, learning repair and writing. Other students are producing megillot and mezuzot. My women’s tefillin loan system is flourishing under the care of yet another student.

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