Sofrot Conference 2014

Where: Toronto, City Shul
When: May 29 (Thursday) – June 1 (Sunday siyum event)

Female Torah scribes, established and upcoming, will gather to share experiences, study together, create ideas, forge bonds, find mentors, and expand their abilities and energy as scribes to bring Torah and scrolls to their communities and students.

And by Torah scribes we mean also those who only want to do Megillot, Orthodox women, students who aren’t sure what they want to be doing, calligraphers who want to branch out…definitely not limited to those who write Torahs.

The conference coincides with City Shul’s siyum for their new Torah. Since we’ll all be together, we’re going to enhance the shul’s siyum programming with things sofrot like to do when they get together. We’re going to have all sorts of sessions related to the work of sacred scribes—materials, history, Talmud, accessibility, community Torah sewing, you name it.

The more established scribes will hopefully learn some new things and recharge their energy; the newer scribes will learn a lot of useful things they will be able to use in their own programming. There will also be sharing and networking time; having a support network for professional development and personal support is a big deal. I say this with authority because when I started out as a scribe ten years ago I had no network at all; since then I have built a network of female scribes and part of the purpose of this conference is to strengthen it.

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