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Jen Taylor Friedman is an egalitarian feminist Jewish ritual scribe and scholar. She is notorious for having created Tefillin Barbie, and notable for being the first woman in modern times known to have written a sefer Torah. She has written four Torah scrolls and her students have written several more. She lives in Montreal, writes tefillin, mezuzot, and ketubot, and teaches aspiring scribes all over the world.

After many years as a halakhically-observant Jew, Jen is now a little more relaxed in certain areas. All her scrolls are produced to the same high halakhic standards as they always were. The requirement that a sofer be yirei shamayim, “living in a healthy awe of the Divine,” is met. All rules of scribing are observed. But she is not traditionally shomer shabbat1. However, the shul she skips attending is still a Conservative one. You might describe her as “post-denominational zocher Shabbat2 yirei shamayim.”


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